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Volunteer Spotlight – MGIC Group

This Thursday, 10 MGIC employees volunteered at Interchange to help run our pantry day. The group was hard at work all morning stocking, organizing, packing, and delivering food to our guests. Two volunteers, Jay and Nikita, shared their experience volunteering with us.

“I’ve always wanted to volunteer more, especially at a food pantry. The mission is incredibly important,” Jay said when asked why he joined the volunteer group. Nikita shared his sentiments and noted that she’s grateful her job gives her the opportunity to help her community. Both of them value giving back and would recommend everyone to volunteer with Interchange. As Jay perfectly put it: “A lot of the problems we face in society can be helped by coming together and solving it.”

During the pantry, the MGIC group helped serve 146 guests. Jay and Nikita enjoyed talking to the guests, with Nikita sharing, “The guests are so respectful and friendly. They were all very easy to talk to.” The volunteer group also got the chance to speak with George Neureuther, the Interchange Food Pantry director. He spoke with them about Interchange’s mission of delivering healthy food to the Milwaukee community and how we serve our guests with compassion. Jay agreed with George that it’s important for people to not only enjoy the food they eat but have a cultural connection with it, and he felt that Interchange’s goal to “stay cultural” with our food is important to serving our community members with integrity.

Thank you to the MGIC employees who volunteered their time to help out at Interchange!

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