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Guest Spotlight: Lola

One of our guests, Lola, sat down with me the other day to share what makes Interchange Food Pantry a special and important place in the lives of her and her family.

Lola originally heard about the pantry from a friend, and she has now been visiting twice a month for over a year. When asked how the pantry helps to support her and her family, she quickly responded, “One-Hundered Percent!” “We don’t get food stamps anymore after the most recent cuts, and after all the other bills, there just wouldn’t be enough food on the table for the family if it weren’t for Interchange.”

Lola’s favorite thing about the pantry is the food. Specifically, the quality and variety she is able to receive. Here at Interchange Food Pantry, our #1 priority is providing our guests with excellent food! Thank means fresh fruits & veggies, assorted meats & protein items, and high-quality, shelf-stable goods. We strive to serve our guests the same food we feed ourselves and our families.

The pantry needs you’re help to make sure our shelves stay stocked with high-quality food. If you are interested in hosting a food drive at your work, place of worship, school, or neighborhood, please DM us or email us at

Thank you all for helping make Interchange Food Pantry a special place and one of the city’s hunger-relief leaders.

Peace & Happiness,

Pantry Staff

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