Guest Spotlight: Clyde

Pantry guest Clyde has been coming to the Interchange Food Pantry for a few years now.

“Someone told me the pantry was here,” he said. “It saves me time instead of going to the southside, since I live close by and take the bus.”

He encourages others to visit the pantry if they need some extra help.

“Come on down. The pantry is here, it’s here for everybody. That’s how I look at it,” he said.

Clyde comes to the pantry regularly but there are times he doesn’t need the extra help, and he hopes that ends up helping others in need.

“When I have money in my pocket, I don’t want to be taking food from somebody else,” Clyde explained.

Of course, Interchange Food Pantry helps anyone in need and strives to have enough supplies to go around for all the guests who come to our doors..

Although hunger relief is serious business, Clyde joked and laughed to lighten the mood as he waited in line for his groceries. He hopes that his positivity is contagious.

“We’ve gotta help each other,” he said.

Thank you, Clyde, for coming to the pantry today! Do you know someone who could use help with groceries? Send them our way, since Interchange Food Pantry serves guests regardless of zip code.