Guest Spotlight: Pamela

Pamela is a regular guest who has been coming to the pantry for the past few years.

“It’s been so many years since I first learned about the pantry. I was out somewhere and heard someone say there’s a food pantry between Knapp and Juneau. And that was almost 3 years ago.”

She’s been coming regularly since and enjoys the connections she’s made here during a difficult few years, including with pantry director George.

“George is my best friend! I adore him. I’ve come to the pantry pretty regularly since then these past few years.”

She shared one of her favorite memories from the pantry involved receiving a Thanksgiving ham.

“One Thanksgiving, I didn’t have a ham. I had already gotten my food from the pantry, but George hollered, ‘Hey, I’ve got something for you.’ And he gave me a ham. It was a big ham—it looked like the size of a cow!”

Pamela expressed gratitude for the food pantry’s support as she navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, including two times she came down with COVID herself.

“The first time I had COVID, I went to the hospital for four weeks. It was just that bad. I couldn’t do anything. I’ve been really afraid of that COVID. I haven’t had an outing or family over because of it.”

The food pantry has been a bright spot for Pamela in these trying times, with volunteers able to bring her groceries to the car for her to be safe.

“I always make my way to this pantry because I don’t get out that much. I’m so grateful the pantry is here. I feel safe here. As long as we keep masking up and social distancing! So, I’d ask people, ‘Please, mask up!’ And go get tested if you have a cough or feel sick.”

Thanks for coming to the pantry, Pamela! We appreciate you!

Interchange Food Pantry continues to ask guests and volunteers to wear masks, practice social distancing, and get vaccinated against COVID-19 when possible, for the continued safety of everyone we serve. We appreciate your cooperation!