New Volunteer Spotlight: Maddie

Maddie is a rising senior at West Allis Central High School and is volunteering at Interchange a few times each week this summer.

“I just wanted to give back to the community and get the feel of a new environment, since this isn’t something I’ve done before.”

Maddie’s mom originally found the opportunity, while they were looking for places to volunteer for Maddie’s National Honors Society commitment.

“We were looking up places to volunteer, and this one came up. And I fell in love with the site,” Maddie explained.

When asked about her favorite activity to do while volunteering, she responded, “My favorite would be shopping. I just recently prepped bags for Saturdays, but I mostly like shopping for the guests when the pantry is open.”

For fun, Maddie is on her school’s volleyball team, whose season starts soon. Once school and volleyball are in full swing, Maddie will cut back her volunteer hours, but she still hopes to come help out at the pantry on weekends.

“It’s a really good experience. The food pantry teaches you a lot about people. It changes your whole perception of how you view people,” she said. “It’s really a good way to be productive, as well. I encourage everybody to try to volunteer here.”

Thanks for your gift of service, Maddie!