New Volunteer Spotlight: Cameron

Cameron is a new volunteer at Interchange Food Pantry, who we recently spoke with on his first day of volunteering.

“I first saw the opportunity to volunteer on a website called VolunteerMatch. I live in the area and used to walk around here all the time, so I recognized the church and location,” said Cameron, speaking about how he first learned about Interchange and the volunteer opportunity, which are located at Village Church in Milwaukee.

We spoke with Cameron as he was helping pack produce bags for Interchange guests.

“This is good work. It feels important, which is what matters. And it’s going well,” he said. In addition to packing produce bags, Cameron also helped with guest shopping day tasks earlier in his shift, so he helped gather and distribute bags of groceries to Interchange guests.

“Volunteering here feels fulfilling—I’ve only been here a few hours, and it feels like you’re doing something important when you come to volunteer,” Cameron said.

Thanks for starting to volunteer with us, Cameron!

Are you interested in starting to volunteer with the Interchange Food Pantry? Contact us for the volunteer schedule and to learn more about opportunities for new volunteers.