Volunteer Spotlight: Natalie O.

“I’ve been volunteering with Interchange for about two years now. It’s hard to count the number of times I’ve volunteered!” Natalie said, explaining how long she’s been volunteering at the food pantry.

“Me and my family wanted to get involved in the community, so we started researching places to volunteer. And we found Interchange!” Natalie said, explaining how she first started volunteering with us. We’re glad she and her family found us!

When asked about her favorite volunteer activities, she said, “I used to write tickets and that was always really fun. But I also always enjoy shopping.” On the busy Saturday when we chatted, Natalie has been helpful and efficient at shopping duties, picking out grocery items and assembling orders to deliver to our guests who are waiting outside.

“Anyone can volunteer here, it’s a really fun place. Everyone is really friendly. And it’s a great way to help out the community,” she added about volunteer opportunities with Interchange.

Interested in volunteering with the Interchange Food Pantry? Contact us to learn more about opportunities and our schedule for volunteering!