Volunteer Spotlight: Arlene

Volunteer Arlene is a regular at Interchange, and she has been volunteering with us since last fall. After a move to nearby Jefferson Court apartments, she was looking for something to do. Volunteering at Interchange ended up being a great fit and close by too.

“I knew the director George from a long time ago, and I was looking for a place to volunteer. So, I called up George, and he said to come down,” said Arlene, about how she first heard about the pantry and started volunteering here.

“I showed information about my immunization from COVID. I started volunteering the next day, and I’ve been down here ever since,” she said.

In terms of volunteer activities, Arlene enjoys packing products and opening bags, which makes bagging all the groceries easier and more efficient for other volunteers.

“Well, I like packing, helping people, whatever they need doing I pitch in to help,” Arlene said. “Opening bags too because that’s very important. It saves time to open them ahead of time.”

Arlene’s final words for us: “Every little bit helps,” she said. 

Indeed, every little bit of volunteering helps! We certainly appreciate Arlene’s gift of service and are grateful she chooses to volunteer with us.

Interested in volunteering with Interchange Food Pantry? Let us know, we always welcome new volunteers!