Volunteer Spotlight: Niki

Niki came to volunteer with her mom at the pantry this morning. She’s been volunteering at the pantry for about a year and a half, and enjoys helping with different tasks.

“I got started volunteering here with my mother, who first told me about it, and I decided to first come with my sister. I really like the experience.”

Asked what her favorite part of volunteering was, Niki replied,

“What I think my favorite part about volunteering is doing the produce bags. It’s fun and satisfying to put all the different fruits and vegetables together in the bags for the guests.”

Now in eighth grade, we appreciate Niki making volunteering a priority between school and other extracurriculars on her plate!

Interested in following Niki’s lead and volunteering with your family at the pantry? We have numerous roles and shifts available suitable for a variety of ages and would welcome the gift of service!