Interchange Needs Your Financial Support to Purchase Fresh Produce

Due to the current pandemic, the IFP is in need of financial support to continue providing our guests fresh vegetables and fruits.

Why? Due to the coronavirus, our ability to obtain our fresh produce free or at 19 cents per pound is limited, so we are now purchasing fruits and vegetables from wholesale produce companies in Milwaukee. The weekly cost for our fresh vegetables and fruits is averaging 1,100 and we are trying to raise enough funds for the next few months to make sure we can continue to serve our guests the quality of food they deserve.
Please highlight and click on the link below to support the Interchange Food Pantry purchase fresh vegetables and fruits for our guests!


The IFP’s main goal is to obtain the healthiest food available for our pantry guests. How? Fifty percent of our guest’s food choices are fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits! We believe that healthy food options should be available to everyone.

Our Footprint: There is no wrong zip-code at the Interchange Food Pantry.  The year 2019 was our first year serving all guests regardless of what zip code they live in Milwaukee.

The top five zip codes served are 53202, 53206, 53208, 53209, and 53212

In 2019 the IFP served 13,872 guests compared to a total of 9,168 guests in 2018, a 51% increase of guests served in one year.

In 2019 the IFP served 428 children per month, 368 elderly, and 360 adults between the ages of 18-59

In the first 2 months of 2020, the IFP has served 1,332 guests per month.

Please help us in continuing to serve our guests throughout this beautiful city!

If you’d like more information on the IFP please contact George Neureuther by email at